Saturday, June 18, 2011


Let me tell you a story, the storey is meaningful. We people can not live alone. We are living with the friends and family.
So we have to think of relationships between mothers and child, Teachers and pupils, husband and wife, this storey can give you an idea about that.
Once upon a time there was a dark room lighted by the five candles. When the wind blows one of the candles light was dead let us name it LOVE. Alittlebit later another candle also dead let us name it AFFECTION. In the room there is no more love and affection so the room becomes so dark. Alittlebit later the third candle also dead let us name it ATTACHMENT. Alittlebit later the fourth candle is dead let us name it KINDNESS the room is so dark that can only seen by the one candle light let us name it?????? ????? From that candle light fire I hold it and lighted up the other four candles again. So the room is brightening again by the five candles.
I want all the good readers to name the last candle??????. To me I named it UNDERSTANDING candle. Would you all please name it as you wish and write it in the comments?

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