Thursday, September 20, 2012


King Bimbisara, although he was established in the first holy stage of the Ariyan Path, had to depend chiefly upon his army for ruling his kingdom. At one time, there was an armed rising in the frontier areas and the people there had to run away elsewhere leaving their village, many of which were destroyed. This news made the King very sad and sorry for the people of those parts. He therefore summoned the best military officers and ordered them to go out to the disturbed areas with these words of command:— "My officers, go ye to the areas where disturbances have taken place and people have fled from the village, and restore law and order and give people protection so that they can live safely in their villages and work their fields again under normal conditions". He gave orders not to kill the insurgents but to protect the inhabitants. The army sallied forth and, after stamping out the disturbances by peaceful means as commanded by the King, came back safely to the capital.

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