Thursday, September 20, 2012


The Buddha was dwelling in Rajagaha, at the end of the first rainy season. Now, Anathapindika, the Millionaire, arrived in Rajagaha in connection with business. He heard that the Blessed One had attained the Supreme Wisdom of a Buddha, and had a strong desire to go to Him that very night, but could not do so. He went to bed with his thoughts fixed on the Blessed One. His faith in the Buddha was so intense that he could not sleep well and was between waking and sleeping, when a light emanated from his body. Thinking it to be daylight he went to where the Blessed One was. When he met the Buddha, he was established in the first holy stage of the Ariyan Path. He came back, at once, to Savatthi and looked for a site to build a monastery, and found a park belonging to Prince Jeta, in a very quiet place, well connected with roads and neither too near nor too far from the town. He bought this park covering the whole site with gold coins and erected the famous Jetavana Monastery at great cost. He donated it to the Buddha and his many disciples after inviting them to come over from Rajagaha.

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