Thursday, September 20, 2012


When the Future Buddha was sixteen years of age, his father King Suddhodana sent official intimation to his relatives asking them to send their daughters to be married to his son. There arose the following discussion among his relatives, who were Rulers of their own states:—"Siddhattha is of handsome appearance but is not well trained in any manly art". They did not, therefore, comply with the request of King Suddhodana. The King told his son what his relatives had said about him, when the Prince agreed to show his proficiency as the best bowman of the day. Consequently the most distinguished bowmen of the city were assembled in the palace grounds. The Future Buddha placed them at four different points and directions round him while he stood in the centre. He then said to them. "You must shoot your arrows at me all at the same time". When the signal to shoot was given, the four archers shot their arrows at him all at once. The Prince defended himself by shooting an arrow which flew like lightning and hit all the four arrows coming in his direction. He thus exhibited his skill, such as none other bowmen could equal. His father's relatives then sent their daughters, beautiful maidens, of whom the Prince chose Princess Yasodhara whom he married by celebrating a grand wedding.

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