Thursday, September 20, 2012


While the Buddha was having his meal at his father's palace. Princess Yasodhara dressed up Rahula properly with ornaments and pointing to the Buddha said, "Behold, son, that great ascetic of majestic appearance in the midst of twenty thousand monks. He is your father. The vases of gold belonging to Him have disappeared since the day he retired from home to homelessness. Go ye and ask for your inheritance so that you may become a Universal Monarch". Young Rahula, emboldened by the love of a son towards his father, came to His presence and said, "O, father, your shadow is cool and pleasant. I wish to become a Universal Monarch. Please give me my inheritance". He asked for his inheritance, uttering much else that was becoming. He followed the Buddha when he went back to the monastery asking for inheritance. But the Blessed One made him owner of an inheritance transcending this world, by ordaining him as a samanera (novice) of the Holy Order.

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