Thursday, September 20, 2012


After the attainment of Supreme Buddhaship by the Great Being, Nanda and many other princes of the Sakya clan became monks under the discipline of the Blessed One. It therefore appeared to those households of the same clan, with two or three sons in each family, that they would be failing in their duty if none came forth to be ordained. The two brothers Mahanama and Anuruddha discussed this subject, and Anuruddha agreed to be ordained. Bhaddiya, who was then a ruling monarch, happened to be an intimate friend of Anuruddha. Anuruddha therefore went to King Bhaddiya and persuaded him to become a monk along with him, and Bhaddiya agreed. Accordingly, seven of them including Ananda, Bhagu, Kimila, Devadatta and Upali, the barber, came to the Buddha. There they made their request that Upali be admitted first, in order that their Sakya pride might be humbled through having their former attendant as their senior. They were then ordained accordingly.

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